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Faith, Obedience, Salvation, Justification, Sanctification


About Us

In the year 2006, I, the administrator of the, had a conversation with some people who said that there was nothing beyond this life and when we die that is it; everything ends forever. I felt completely empty, troubled and depressed for a period of about six months after that conversation. My thoughts were; it cannot be. There must be more to life than what we see here. There must be someone who knows what is happening in the world. After a while, these thoughts went from my mind.

In the summer of 2009, I became aware of the darkness that was clouding my life. I could see everything physically and perfectly, but inside of me was full of darkness; I had no freedom and was troubled. I knew I had to do something but did not know what to do. I went to visit some friends one day and I asked them about God. They told me that I should repent, ask God for forgiveness and read the Bible. I returned home that day and fell on my knees before God and repented of all what I considered I had done wrong. But there was something different in the way I was praying and what I was asking God.  


I said to God that I have heard about Him from many people but I wanted Him to teach me His truth. Within a week thereafter, I read through the New Testament and did not understand a word but I remember I was drawn to the book of Matthew, chapters five, six and seven. From that period of time, I realised that my life was not the same anymore. I did not want to do certain things anymore; in three months from September 2009, I noticed that the words that came out of my mouth had changed and I became more tolerant and accommodating of others.

Shortly after this, I was asleep one day and I became conscious of the love of God. It was very tangible. I felt joy and peace like never before. I will never forget that experience. The sense of a father and son overwhelmed me. I knew I had just been adopted. I said to God that I know He loves me and I promised to make others aware of His love for them. The word of God became my food and drink. In 2010 I had a dream which compelled me to go and study the Bible in a college settin

 Faith, Obedience are the key to our Salvation, Justification and Sanctification in the Kingdom Of God


Ironically, while I was at Bible college I realised that what I was being taught at college, what I was hearing and seeing on the God channels on TV, what was being preached in the churches and what was written in the books that I read, all did not match up with what I was reading in the Bible itself. I stopped going to college and decided to diligently study the Bible on my own, from the book of Genesis to the book of Revelation, coupled with prayers and fasting. I began to see some awesome things in the word of God and I started to research certain topics that I had come across earlier which I discovered had no foundation in the Bible. From that period of time until now, I have dedicated my time in search and write about the truth which has been opened for my understanding.




I believe now is the right time to enlighten others of the intent of the heart of God
as written in His word, the Holy Scriptures.