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Faith and Obedience to The Truth,
Are The Keys to Unlock The Doors to Salvation. 





Literature on our Salvation

The literature produced by has roots solely is the word of God which is for the edification of the Saints in the whole counsel of God in prophecy, doctrine, the laws and commandments of God, God's precepts, statutes and judgments and warnings, as God has given us through His servants the prophets.

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Videos teachings on our salvation 

videos will be short and to-the-point teachings on topics from the Holy Scriptures which aim to explain common misconceptions and to open up the understanding of the truth, as intended by God. Giving You the keys to open the path of salvation into the kingdom of God.

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God has spoken through his servants, the prophets and his son, our Lord Jesus Christ. It is now up to us to take heed of his word according to his understanding.

Find out more about 's message and how I know now is the right time to enlighten others in the heart of God and his writings the, Holy Scriptures.


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The information on this website has been provided to you for free in line with the word of God, which states that freely you have received, freely you give. Please don't sell this information on, it is here for your education. But please let your family and friends know so that they too shall be enlightened by the truth.