Salvation Literature

The literature we are offering is deeply rooted the word of truth which is for the edification of the Saints in the whole counsel of God in prophecy, doctrine, the laws and commandments of God, God’s precepts, statutes and judgements and warnings, as God gave us through His servants the prophets.

Spreading the word about the upcoming rapture and the word of our Lord. Here we can help you find faith and obedience to the truth, giving you the keys to to unlock the doors to our salvation.

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What do we have to do to become just before God? The process of salvation is set on a path compared to building a house. The strength of that house depends on its foundation. Justi...  more  

The Truth About Obedience and Righteousness

There is a distinct link between obedience and righteousness which cannot be broken. Find out how these can help you to unlock the keys to salvation.  more  

Understanding Predestination

Are those called to salvation predestined to enter the Kingdom of God regardless of what they do or do we have a part to play?   more  

The Fourth Kingdom

There is a coming Kingdom which will rule over the entire earth and we are the generation that will see it come to pass.... find out how in this revolutionary book.  more  

Salvation Is of The Jews

A casual conversation between Lord Jesus Christ and a Samaritan woman holds the keys to the path to Salvation....  more  

The Truth About The Rapture

The rapture is an event that has been prophesied to happen at the end of age. Some are led to believe it could happen at any time but is that the Lord has said? There is going to b...  more